Future of Uncensored Crowdfunding

3 min readMar 18, 2022


Traditional crowdfunding platforms face a higher risk of fraud — this is due to crowdfunding apps having limited security measures, so investors risk their money by supporting startup projects.

Furthermore, intellectual property isn’t protected on crowdfunding platforms — crowdfunding apps do not protect intellectual property at a necessary level. This may result in theft of said intellectual property, and can in effect be a business killer for organizations presenting un-patented ideas on the platform.

Limitations within crowdfunding platforms — since everything on a crowdfunding platform depends on how many people know and support your project, it’s easier for projects with good visibility in social media to get funded. At the same time, if there is censorship within that same social media source, fundraising will not be successful.

Crowdfunding platforms are often loaded with fees — Fees are one more thing that make the crowdfunding landscape a little less inviting for young creators. For example, Kickstarter, one of the most famous platforms in the crowdfunding industry, takes about 5% as a standard fee as well as a payment processing fee anywhere between 3% to 5%.

GoCryptoMe Solutions

Decentralization — Blockchain doesn’t need to engage intermediaries or third parties in financial transactions, so it can make crowdfunding much more affordable for creators. Blockchain use also means everything is transparent and recorded. There is no hiding when using blockchain. What’s donated is clearly visible.

Tokenization — Tokenization can make the equity type of crowdfunding much better. With tokens, investors can have an equity share of the project they are financing. It has several benefits for crowdfunding app development, which include: better visibility for more successful projects, internal currency which can lead to more marketing power, and structured transparency and security

Smart contracts — Smart contracts are also much faster than usual fund transfers since they don’t require intermediaries, provide better protection from fraud, and enable greater security for intellectual property.

Unlike other crowdfunding websites, GoCryptoMe puts its fees to good use. The platform charges a 3% fee on each campaign. Of the 3% fee, 1% goes to platform operating expenses, 1% goes to $GCME (GoCryptoMe token) staking pools, 0.5% goes to participation rewards for DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) NFT holders, and 0.5% goes to buyback and burn of $GCME tokens.

The $GCME token, which can be used for the purchasing of DAO NFTs and contributing to the platform will be attributed with a 5% blockchain transaction fee. Money raised from this fee will go towards development, operations, marketing, and legal costs.

Who are we

GoCryptoMe is an advanced decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that runs on multiple blockchain ecosystems. Our aim is to improve the way crowdfunding is executed by integrating the power of DeFi and digital cryptocurrencies and removing the strict and bias firewalls of centralization. Over the years, crowdfunding has accomplished many fundraising opportunities through fiat donation, however as advancements in the modern age arise, more and more restrictions due to centralized adoption are lagging; unable to take advantage of new technologies.

Using blockchains such as the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Ethereum (ERC20), Avalanche (AVAX). and Polygon (MATIC), GoCryptoMe is able to remove centralization, improve transaction speeds, and continuous growth that puts the conventional method’s currently being used to shame. Use-case will be made available for everyone to use immediately, paired with anonymous donations, and no withdrawal requirements.

GoCryptoMe will overtake the market by providing an uncensored, transparent solution to crowdfunding where other corporations have shown weakness by being controlled by a centralized entity.

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GoCryptoMe is an uncensored, transparent solution to crowdfunding.